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London Chocolate

Wholesale British Chocolates - Mexico Cacao (62g)

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Product Description – This bar celebrates the rare and delicate Porcelana Blanca cacao from the Finca La Rioja estate in Cacahoatán, Mexico – which means “Place of Cacao”. Named after its distinctive light (porcelain) colour, it features noble genetics of ancient Criollos and the “Carmelo” Criollo.  These pure white beans have been considered the ‘holy grail’ of cacaos since Mayan times. Visually striking with a beautiful light colour and intricate flavour profile: expect cream and cashew nuts dancing with fragrant fruits – an exquisitely deep chocolate base – finished by notes of rose, olive and sweet tobacco.

The Beans: sourced, sorted, and expertly roasted by Asel

The process:
We use only two ingredients – cacao from our partner’s hand selected beans and organic cane sugar. Because we never add cocoa butter, our chocolates express the undiluted tastes and full flavour profiles of each single estate’s exquisite beans. To make each bar, we roast, crack, winnow, grind, conch and temper in small batches, before individually moulding and wrapping by hand.

The company:
London Chocolate is part of the bean to bar revolution and makes only small batch premium chocolate. Created in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, an area synonymous with merchant trade from exotic locations – cacao and sugar have been arriving at these docks since 1802. Our beans are sourced ethically from individual plantations and we give 5% of our profits to sustainable charities.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans (70%) and organic cane sugar.