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Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia Art Collection

Spanish Fine Art - Acrylics On Canvas - Paisaje Sueco

£400.00 GBP

Paisaje Sueco (Swedish Landscape), painting (unframed, acrylics on canvas), dated 2021, painting by Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia, Spanish Artist, Spain.

Expressionist painting, painted during a trip to the Norwegian fjords. The wavy shapes of sky and mountains stand out in this painting along with the blue and green colors.

Cuadro expresionista, pintado durante un viaje a los fiordos Noruegos. Las formas onduladas de cielo y montañas destacan en este cuadro junto con los colores azules y verdes.

Approximate dimensions/weight: 73cm x 60cm,  1kg

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