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Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia Art Collection

Spanish Art - Acrylics On Canvas - Disfrutando De Una Rosa (Enjoying A Rose)

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Disfrutando De Una Rosa (Enjoying A Rose), painting (unframed, acrylics on canvas), dated 2021, painting by Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia, Spanish Artist, Spain.

"Enjoying a rose is a work created thinking about the immersion of women in nature, motivated by my desire that my granddaughter love and fight to conserve her and the rose symbolizes the little things with which I want her to learn to enjoy.

Disfrutando de una rosa es una obra creada pensando en la inmersión de la mujer en la naturaleza,  motivada por mis deseos de que  mi nieta ame y  luche por conservarla y la rosa simboliza las pequeñas cosas con las que quiero que aprenda a disfrutar."- Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia.

Approximate dimensions/weight: 80cm x 60cm,  1kg 

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