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Ana Maria Gower Art Collection

Serbian British Fine Art - What I Saw When I Hugged My Grandma

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What I Saw When I Hugged My Grandma, painting (unframed, acrylics, mediums, inks on canvas), dated 2020, Painting by Ana Maria Gower, Serbian British Artist, United States

Approximate dimensions/weight: 60x72cm, 8.4kg

"In 1999 NATO forces bombed Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia. The burning city was abandoned by those who had means. My grandmother and me (I was 11) remained as we had nowhere to go. Alone on the empty street, surrounded by the fire of war, I felt that death is seconds away. I closed my eyes and hugged my grandmother. With all the tragedy happening around us, I felt (and still feel) that this is one of the most beautiful moments of my life. When fires and chaos of time and violent change were all around, I felt timeless, like people on ancient icons. The death was all around, but my heart was at peace." - Ana Maria Gower

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