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Belgian Brands - Love & CupCake 7

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At the sight of these delicious chocolates, your love will melt with pleasure. The beautiful pink box decorated with a heart, contains seven delicious chocolates in the shape of cupcakes.

The chocolates are randomly selected from our assortment of Cupcakes chocolates. Therefore, the chocolates inside the box may differ from the photos on the site. The following tastes are available:

- Almond Praline: Almond cream wrapped in Belgian milk chocolate
- Cappuccino Ganache: Cappuccino cream coated with Belgian milk chocolate
- Strawberry Fondant: Creamy strawberry topped with Belgian milk chocolate
- Crispy Chocolate Cream: Chocolate cream coated with delicious milk chocolate
Salted Caramel: Cream of caramel soup covered with a cloud of caramel cream coated with delicious Belgian chocolate
- Forest Berries Ganache: Cream of forest fruit mix surrounded by delicious Belgian chocolate
- Lemon Cheesecake: Lemon cream wrapped in delicious Belgian chocolate
- Raspberry Ganache: Cream of raspberry and berries wrapped in delicious Belgian chocolate.

(Package dimensions: 148x148x40 mm, Net weight: 130 g)

Contains: alcohol

May contain: eggs, peanuts, sesame .