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Globalchocostore Islamic Calligraphy Collection

Egyptian Art Prints On Wood - Islamic Calligraphy IC_SAM05

£80.00 GBP

Islamic Calligraphy IC_SAM05, Egyptian art prints on wood based on original image by Sherif Aly Mohamed / Shutterstock, illustrator/vector artist, Egypt. 
Verses from the Holy Quran, "We have given you, [O Muhammad], a clear conquest. That God may forgive for you what preceded of your sin."
Art turned into beautiful wood prints. The grain comes through on your print, giving your images a rustic look. Wood prints intensify the image's natural feel. The wood prints are very versatile and available in various sizes.

- Easily mount on your wall

- Strong, rigid and amazingly lightweight

- Thin wood prints come with a mounting kit

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