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Elise Eekhout Art Collection

Dutch Art - Acrylics, Oil Paint On Canvas - The Word

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The Word, part of the Stories series.

Painting (unframed, acrylics, oil paint, base metal sheet on canvas) painting by Elise Eekhout, Dutch Artist, The Netherlands.

Approximate dimensions/weight: 100 x 160 x 2.5 cm, 5.7 kg

"The beautiful graphic characters hold a meaning that we cannot decipher. The Hebrew letters make you wonder about letters for the first time since childhood; about their forms and their meaning.

 Thanks to a few small signs that we call letters, we can experience a whole range of facts, feelings, emotions and thoughts. If you consider it, it is a very fascinating fact: text is nothing but a series of signs in a row, to which we have assigned meanings. We are so used to this, that we do not think about it. For me, letters and texts are a source of inspiration and wonder; some people can conjure up beautiful images with words. Unfortunately, I don’t. Capturing feelings and emotions in words is impossible for me. That is why I capture them in images.

 This painting is inspired by the New Testament (Johannes). The New Testament is usually not in Hebrew, which reinforces the alienation. This painting is the counterpart of “Purification”, based on the Old Testament." - Elise Eekhout

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