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Elise Eekhout Art Collection

Dutch Fine Art - Acrylics, Base Metal Sheet - Tranquil City 09

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Tranquil City 09, part of the Corona-Stories series; Tranquil Cities; Longing to go Outside.

Painting (unframed, acrylics, base metal sheet on canvas), dated 2020, painting by Elise Eekhout, Dutch Artist, The Netherlands.

Approximate dimensions/weight: 30 x 30 x 2 cm, 0.9kg

"Being creative gives me a feeling of boundlessness and limitlessness. Especially during the corona lockdown during the spring of 2020, it was very important to be able to experience this feeling of freedom. This painting is inspired by my own corona-diary.

My thoughts about this period inspired me to use parts of the text in the city with sheet metal. The texts in the painting are not only about the surreal experience of the deserted streets in the normally crowded cities, but also about how strange it is when you suddenly lose your freedom. The freedom to go where you want, to visit whoever you want, whenever you want."- Elise Eekhout

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