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Ana Maria Gower Art Collection

British Mixed Media Art - Transfusion#15

£2,488.00 GBP

Transfusion #15, artwork on sale, original British painting, mixed media art (unframed, acrylics, inks, spray paints, various mediums, paper collage, glue on canvas), dated 2020, Painting by Ana Maria Gower, Serbian British Artist, United States.

Approximate dimensions/weight: 30x30cm, 3.1kg

"These pieces are my attempts to illustrate the connection between potential and actualized. I wanted to demonstrate primordial unity of all living, the type we get a glimpse of by looking at the tree of evolution, or, perhaps, for split second losing our egos. Humans with animal heads, or animals with human bodies, they are summoned from an alternative reality to demonstrate the unity of the origin of all life, with no end and no beginning, transfused with potential." - Ana Maria Gower

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