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British Brands - Four Signature Chocolate Bars

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Choose from our selection of chocolate bars and create your own four chocolate bar bundle! These are perfect for gifting or just as a way to try out our flavours, which include: 

  • Panela Salted Caramel
  • Salted Pecan
  • Lemon Popping Candy
  • Orange and Cardamom
  • 72% Colombian Single origin


ArtChocolat, has a dazzling selection of signature chocolate bars, one of the UK's most innovative and creative chocolatiers.

Combining splashes of vibrant colour, and explosions of complex flavours, ArtChocolat carefully hand-develop each shiny bar in their kitchen using world class ingredients such as single origin fino de aroma cacao from Colombia, or house-made praline which they make themselves entirely from scratch!

They have carefully selected each chocolate used in their bars to complement the desired flavours of the ingredients used in their bars perfectly, giving you a full and rounded tasting experience. 

We source our pecans directly and make our own praline to control the whole process.

We roast the pecans, grind them ourselves and add little pinches of salt to it all just to elevate the flavour that little bit more!

Can’t decide which flavours you might like best, or shopping for a gift? Maybe a bar bundle would ease your tough decisions!

Your chocolate bars will arrive at your doorstep concealed in a box and protective eco-friendly packaging to ensure your treasured bars are not damaged.

ArtChocolat recommend storing their chocolate in a cool, dark place between 10-20 degrees celcius, to ensure their mirror like shine stays in tact, and to keep them away from sunlight as much as possible.

Contains/may contain traces of the following allergens: soya, milk, nuts, peanuts, gluten