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Ana Maria Gower Art Collection

British Art - Acrylics, Spray Paints - Transfusion #6

£2,489.00 GBP

Transfusion #6 (can be sold as a dyptich), British art, fine art painting (unframed, acrylics, spray paints, various mediums, paper collage on canvas), dated 2020, Painting by Ana Maria Gower, Serbian British Artist, United States

Approximate dimensions/weight: 48x48cm, 6.6kg

"I started noticing branching structures all around me. A very straightforward observation, that became the impetus behind the “Transfusion” series, was focused on the fact that everything – from a body to a culture – contains such branching structures, both literally and symbolically. To me it was an evidence of a transfused potential, that seems to be the foundational quality of our reality. “Transfusion #5” was the first of the series that I decided to keep. Inspired by angiograms, it is a symbolic representation of a potential that is part of our physical bodies." - Ana Maria Gower

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