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Belgian Brands - Assorted Chocolates - Around the World Asia

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Tasty assorted chocolate set containing 12 unique pralines, 2 of each flavour. The unique filling is hidden under the shell of chocolate: milk, dark and white. In the middle of the set is a dark chocolate slab in the form of a medallion. The content of cocoa is min. 57%. The taste of chocolate is determined by the place of origin of cocoa beans, growing among the volcanic mountains and Java tropical rain forest. This gave our chocolate the exceptional gentleness of the flavour. Delicate bitterness of dark chocolate combined with the pinch of unforgettable aroma of yellow fruits, coffee, and subtle herbal notes. (Package dimensions: 200x195x37 mm, Net weight: 185 g)

Contains alcohol.
May contain eggs, peanuts, sesame.