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Belgian Brands - 8 Xmas Chocolate Donuts

£11.49 GBP

  • 8 chocolates in the form of doughnuts
  • Colorfully decorated and packed in a nice box
  • Contains no alcohol

Eight delicious round chocolate doughnuts, which resemble traditional doughnuts, with strawberry, caramel and coconut filling. Packed in a nice box with asterisks motif.

(Package dimensions: 248x142x28 mm, Net weight: 150 g)

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cream, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, lactose, dry strawberries, strawberry, wheat flour, corn starch, glucose-fructose syrup, rice starch, whey powder, flavourings, maltodextrin, herbs, vegetable fat: palm, rapeseed, sunflower; emulsifier: soy lecithin; natural aroma: vanilla; gloss: gum arabic, E903; juice concentrate of: black root; acidity regulator: E330; dyes: E160c, E120, E133; preservative: E202; extract of: safflower; In addition to cocoa butter, it contains vegetable fats. Nutritional value per 100 g: energy value (2 074 kJ / 497 kcal) fat (32.8 g) in saturated fatty acids (19.3 g), carbohydrates (43.6 g), involving sugars (41.8 g), protein (4.5 g), salt (0.09 g). May contain traces of eggs, nuts, peanut, sesame.

Manufactured in the EU.
Store in a dry and cool place.
Shelf life: 3 months.

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy in kJ 2 102
Energy in kcal 504
Fat 33
Saturated fats 19
Carbohydrate 45
Sugars 43
Protein 4,5
Salt 0,09