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Globalchocostore Belgian Brands- CHOCOLISSIMO & Zaabar

The adventure frequently starts in the rainforest climate zones...

The extensive plantations of Africa, South America and South Asia are the place where the journey of a cacao bean begins.

During a mysterious process, this little bean will transform into delicious chocolate bars just to become enjoyable for our palates. We walk through these interesting places that are still far from the modern civilisation, in the quest to find exceptional variations of Criolo, amazing tastes of Trinitatio or well known and popular strain of Forestero.

We owe all the chocolate delicacies to an inconspicuous cacao fruit (Theobroma cacao) that conceals about 40 white seeds inside. The seeds are extracted from the fruit and exposed to sunlight so they can ferment and dry up. When the “brown gold” is dry, it can be forwarded and then processed so as to create chocolate perfection. But before this happens, the most exquisite chocolatiers clean and roast the beans to give them the most memorable aroma just to grind and start conching them later, until the mass is perfectly smooth. Before the process of tempering, sugar or vanilla may be added and the delight melting in the mouth is ready! The touch, smell, taste...emotions that we are absorbed with everyday and that we want to share with you.

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