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Globalchocostore Belgian Brands - Chocolissimo

Chocolissimo is our passion! 

The history of Chocolissimo is a persistent travel driven by the exploration of centuries of chocolate production tradition, experimentation with taste and combination of various ingredients. Above all Chocolissimo is our passion that grows with each passing day as the result of our commitment to offer products of only the highest quality and unique value of taste, scent, look and feel.
Amidst many outstanding premium quality chocolate products the idea of a unique collection that brings together the best possible tastes of the world was born. As the consequence Chocolissimo chocolate brand was born.

The diversity of shapes

The products produced under our brand are not only about taste and quality of a connoisseur. For this reason we are offering around 300 tastes of hand made pralines, variously shaped drinking chocolate, chocolate fondue, hand cast sheets of chocolate combining original tastes and scents. Various kinds of truffles, fruits in chocolate- these are only the very few out of our countless propositions. Each Chocolissimo product is pure pleasure filled with our sincere emotions.

Traditional recipes and unique tastes

Our brand is operation since the year 2004 and from its very inception it belongs to MM Brown group. The company operating in all of Europe is a producer and distributor of niche chocolate products. These are the brands produced by exclusive confectionery manufacturers from France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Swiss, and even Madagascar and Australia. Chocolissimo products are premium items made by the most experienced chocolate masters.
Delivering to the following countries/chocostores: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain & the UK only.

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