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Spanish Artists - Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia Art Gallery

Artist's Statement:

I was born and raised in an artistic environment.

My world was a women's world, I was the third of four sisters and I entered the School of Social Work, in which almost all of us were women

Later I began to work in Social Services in which all the companions were women.

Perhaps that is the reason why, when my pencil starts scribbling on a paper, what appears are women.

Through my work, I have had very close contact with women, and especially with those who live in poverty and marginalization. 

The image of women is close and emotional to me, without trying in my work to discover the inequalities and abuses that they suffer.

If I intend to get closer to them, to their interior, to their image and their great cultural diversity, looking for their parallels and differences.

Amelia Rodriguez Villagarcia 

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