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Above image extracted from page 445 of The Land of Inheritance; or Bible Scenes revisited …, by TOBIN, Catherine - Lady. Original (1863) held and digitised by the British Library (HMNTS10075.i.15.)

It's a natural water-crafted bridge called "Jisr al-Hajar" or the "Stone Bridge" with an arch measuring 38 metres (125 ft).

Catherine Tobin: In less than half an hour after leaving Auleh, we came to Jisr el-Hajr, the natural "Rock Bridge," deservedly considered one of the greatest marvels in the Lebanon. The scene is wonderfully grand, and its beauty is enhanced by an extraordinary variety of colour in the rocks, contrasted with their snowy summits, and the vast profusion of Avild flowers and creeping plants. Here is the famous Neb'a el-Lebben, "Fountain of Milk," one of the main sources of the Nahr elrKelb, or "Dog River," which rashes madly from the summit of Sunnin, in three tremendous cataracts- (courtesy commons wikimedia). 

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