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Lebanese Artist - Nora Berjawi's Islamic Art Collection

Lebanese Artists | Islamic Art | Arabic Calligraphy

Artist's Statement:

I am a self-taught Lebanese mixed media artist and designer living and working between Lebanon and the UAE. I believe that art has a transformative power to heal, both the maker and the receiver of that art.

My career began in finance before going into the event planning world. Through that, I discovered my love and passion for events and art. I started with furniture restoration projects then began promoting the reuse of household waste.

After a long journey with many ups and downs, I found myself as an artist and a crafter.

I used to start many art projects but never finish them, so in the winter of 2014, I decided to finish everything I set my mind to. And so I picked up a paintbrush and never put it down since!

I stumbled upon a new way of experiencing life, translating it into art, and sharing it with the wider world. Feeling reborn, knowing my purpose in life, I realized that we get to make the rules, we get to choose, and we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us. And when we do, that's the time we experience the true meaning of life.

My work spans texture and tactility from Embossed Arabesque abstract paintings, coffee tables design, to personalized commissioned paintings.

Arabesque art for me is about incorporating art and oriental patterns with styles and colors of our modern age fashion. I am dedicated to shedding light and sharing the beauty and story behind the Arabic script and designs (Islamic art).

I love to give back to my community and get everyone involved in the wonders of the Art World. No one is too young or too old to enjoy art.

“The relationship between the mind and the hand is extraordinary. And the possibilities are infinite”  Ian Tattersall

 Nora Berjawi.

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