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Jordanian Artists - Leena Baker Art Gallery

Artist's Statement:

Painting is the translation of one’s thoughts onto a canvas. Each painting sends a message to its viewers that tackles an emotional state, a real life incident, or even a hand gesture.

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I decided to follow my passion and put my thoughts and emotions onto canvases.

I prefer to include human figures in my work, I try to convey my current emotional state by adding hand gestures and some body language signals. 

There isn’t a colour that is purely white or purely black. In reality, the colour is white with a shade of yellow or any other colour. There are many colours that we don’t see. Just like many things in life.

I like to combine light and dark colours, with thick and thin lines, shadows and highlights of several shades that balance out the portraits. 

The tree is not only green, it is yellow, purple, blue, but we don’t focus on the hidden colours. After I started painting, I started seeing all the hidden colours that make the final result. 

Painting is not a one-sided process. It is the reaction of the colours on the canvas with the painter and his or her emotional state during the process. 

The most beautiful and interesting combination is mixing the cold colours with the strong ones, to balance between them. Balance is not only important in art; balance is important in life and real decisions we have to take.

As an artist myself, I think artists should not be ‘extremists’ in colours. I prefer mixing colours and testing the painting’s element before I see the final result.

Including human figures is not as easy as it looks, it takes time to take measurements of the parts of the human body and paint them in a cohesive manner on the canvas. But, with practice, the artist paints solid figures that hold meanings.

One should always follow their passion and not get discouraged by society’s setbacks. Regardless of what they think, do what you love and believe in yourself.

Leena Baker. 

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