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Cake Artistry became my new high a few years ago and I began to self-train in baking and cake decorating. This dynamic field never fails to intrigue me. Working on creations that involve extensive hand painting and sculpting with textures in Royal icing are my best loved mediums.

I have always had an inclination towards art which was never encouraged at home. Amidst my erratic exam preparations in Dubai to acquire a Dentist’s Licensure I began to find time to read about baking and decorating. 

For the first time in life I felt inspired to pursue my creativity or in plain words, inspired to bake edible Art. Soon enough, what began as a slow growing hobby turned into a need of the hour in months.

Every creation I dispatch has a story to tell through its elements, colors and textures which I meticulously sculpt and paint.

Along this journey I realized that my passion for photography could be put to use on the page where I learned that Food styling with great Photography is another art altogether. With time it became a rule of thumb that I always put in that extra effort to style every cake or dish I shoot.

Elma Joystan D’Souza.

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