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French Art - Caroline Gloux Art Collection

French Artwork & Art Prints by Caroline Gloux  | Globalchocostore

Artist's Statement:

Looking at my paintings, I would like you to be left with positive energy and a smile on your face.

I'm French, but I have lived most of my life in Norway. That does influence my art in some way, specially the bond with nature. As people say about me: "She is a French creative with Nordic influence".

Being also a makeup artist, I got used to work with colors; mixing and matching the personality of a person. With painting it is the same, switching the face for the canvas. My art is vivid, full of life and radiate positive energy. I would like you to feel that passionate vibration and get captivated by the colors and shapes of my artwork. I would like you to feel that breeze of fresh air. Having studied color therapy, I do believe that colors are healing and are awakening emotions within and around us.

Sometimes I get visions for paintings, sometimes they come through intuitively, step by step in the moment. It really depends on the mood and emotions at that exact time. I prefer working spontaneously and to follow my intuition. I can start a painting and at the same time get an idea for the next. So I often end up working on two artworks simultaneously. Music and dancing are also part of the creating process.

Fine art is a way to express myself, to open-up, healing myself to heal others. There is no more self-doubt. I’m no longer invisible, I'm able to speak my mind.

Through my artwork, you get a piece of me. From my soul to yours.

I very much hope you enjoy this French art collection, both the original fine art pieces as well as the art prints on offer.

Caroline Gloux

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