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Egyptian Artist - Amani Elbayoumi Art Gallery


Artist's Statement:

I am an Egyptian artist living in the UAE. My artistic style is in the realm of impressionism. I love to convey creativity using a variety of mediums and techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.

I have been greatly influenced by the various countries and cultures I have experienced when traveling and this resulted in a quest of self-discovery and inspiration.

My artistic journey began by working exclusively with watercolors starting 1995, after seven years of mastering my watercolor techniques, I began experimenting with acrylic and oil, using different methods to develop new ways of expressionism .

My latest artwork is created using oil paint with mixed medium techniques. I find this approach to be ideal for highlighting the spiritual nature behind my recent works.

Living abroad, as well as being a UAE resident for many years, has influenced me  personally and artistically;  I love depicting the Egyptian landscape to which I  add my own personal vision and a surrealistic touch of color. The diverse cultures and natural environments I have experienced has also impacted my understanding of myself as an artist and the unique style I have developed in portraying my visions.

Amani Elbayoumi

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