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Dutch Artist - Elise Eekhout Art Gallery

Artist's Statement:

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, etc. we are busy with (moving) images almost all day long. Because of this we tend to forget how special it is that we can read. If you consider it, it is a very fascinating fact: text is nothing but a series of signs in a row, to which we have assigned meanings. We can experience a whole range of feelings and emotions, just by looking at those signs. We use our imagination and move in the text. We are so used to this that we don't think about it.

In fact, because of our "visual" norms/habits, I sometimes like to refer to these as "visual complacency", we are in danger of slowly losing this mysterious quality.

We are so used to seeing images on a screen that we forget that we can create/invent images in our minds.

Books and stories give us the freedom to live multiple unique lives, as often as we want, and at different times.

In life, many are continuously searching for answers, exploring for limits that define who we think we are and constraining ourselves to our perceived "sized box".

I object to this "complacent norm" of superficially constraining oneself when the alternative can be freedom and insightful pleasures.

I want us to be free, free to use our fantasy and imagination to come up with creative solutions to unexpected problems.

Most people lose the ability to think outside the box as they grow up, to fantasize without boundaries. Their minds are accustomed to all the limitations of the real world. They have forgotten that stories and dreams have no limitations.

I try to visualize dreams and stories in my paintings. I use the magical appeal of texts in my artwork. It is my intention to bring you into my paintings and to make you fantasize new dreams. To let you experience the limitlessness of your imagination. To make you dream without boundaries. I want you to experience how much freedom imagination gives.

Elise Eekhout.

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