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British Brands - 24 Signature Chocolates - The Chocolatiers Collection Box

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The signature chocolate selection may include any of the following combinations:

1. Colombian Addiction - 60% Dark Chocolate

2. Rich, Sweet and Gorgeous - Salted Caramel x Milk Chocolate

3. Velvet Vanilla - Vanilla x White Chocolate

4. Absolute Nutter - Hazelnut Gianduja x Milk Chocolate

5. Morello Cherry x Amaretto

6. Tropical Tings’ - Mango and Passionfruit x White Chocolate

7. Almond a Leg - Almonds x Salted Caramel x Milk Chocolate

8. Rubies and Obsidian - Raspberry x Dark Chocolate

9. Centre Court, Wimbledon - Strawberries and Vanilla x White Chocolate

10. Blueberry x Peanut

11. Puns n’ Roses - Rose x Dark Chocolate

12. Single and Aged Well - Single Malt Whiskey x Dark Chocolate

13. Lemon Meringue Pie - Vanilla Marshmallow x Tangy Lemon Ganache

Combining splashes of vibrant colour, and explosions of complex flavours, ArtChocolat carefully hand-develop each shiny bonbon in their kitchen using world class ingredients such as single origin fino de aroma cacao from Colombia, or fresh fruit purees from the fields of England and France. They have carefully selected each chocolate bonbon in their range to provide you with a full and rounded tasting experience. 

Inside this box you will be awaited by a selection of ganaches, caramels, pate de fruits and pralines, accompanied with a menu card and cushion pads to protect your chocolates pristine condition during transit. 

Presented in a glossy black box accompanied by our vibrant logo. 

ArtChocolat refrain from the use of preservatives, and their chocolates are best enjoyed within 3 weeks. They recommend storing their chocolate bonbons in a cool, dark place between 10-20 degrees celcius, to ensure their mirror like shine stays in tact.